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Villa is traditionally a single-structured spacious property. It typically covers a large area and its moving is the same challenging task. A villa mover is always specialized in undertaking such demanding and difficult endeavours more amicably.

Who is a Villa Mover?

Villa movers are well equipped, skilful and essentially experts to pack, dissemble, transport and reassemble your household. These companies might offer you other than moving and packing services like storage services if you are shifting from a villa to a smaller place.

Besides these, like a one-stop shop, you can also avail of repair and cleaning services. It is important to know that villa mover is a niche service that might all movers can’t offer or necessarily specialize with.

What Services for Villa Movers Provide?

To move a large luxurious house with a unique structure like a villa you might come across a complex and technical process while moving from one place to another. However, you can avail of a variety of services from villa movers for the relocation. Here is a list of some of the services that can be helpful for your shifting:

Prior to Moving Advisory Services

Villa movers provide you with a pre-consultation facility to make a plan more customized for your relocation to go smoothly. Their professional survey is laced with the best guidance and optimal advisory for the organized transition.

Dissembling and Packing

Making the villa luggage more secure and safe during the displacement is vital. A little negligence may cause big damage to your costly households. Villa mover with due diligence is careful about your belongings. The skilful staff not only dissemble them properly but also ensure the goods are fastened securely for transportation whether for domestic or international relocation.

Transportation Services

Specialized and professional equipment and vehicles are used by the villa mover to carry your precious stuff. Proper carriages during a move always complement a simple and disciplined transfer of luggage from one place to another.

Reassembling Services

A reliable villa mover offers you reassembling of your household with the same care as you are doing it yourself. They ensure that everything is unpacked and arranged to it right place without making any botheration.

Storage Services

These are very vital services required by any moving customer for storing some household items whether for temporary or long-term needs. The best Villa moving services sometimes offer you a self-storage unit. A potential protective measure to keep you stress-free and your belongings safe and sound till the time you want to store them.

What Should I Do to Prepare for a Villa Move?

It is a proven fact that a villa move is always a complex and complicated process. You need to prepare yourself for both pre-moving steps and post-moving actions. The right preparation is all that you need. Some of the important steps are as under:

Engage a Reliable Villa Mover

Do handsome research to get reputable villa moving services that have expert staff to handle challenging tasks. Before hiring make sure the reviews, insurance, terms and conditions, and risk compensations and last but not least verify the license.

Declutter and Organize

Survey your villa thoroughly and sort out the items before packing them. Segregate the things you want to throw, the things you want to donate and the things you want to sell. This will organize you for a disciplined move.

Coordinate with the Service Provider

Remain in contact with your utility service-providing companies, to disconnect your previous connections. It will help you to avoid extra billing.

Safe Unloading and Efficient Reassembling

Hiring a professional villa mover can assist you in your smooth post-move actions. It saves your time and energy, ensuring you quick smart resettlement in the new place without any hassle.

How do I Choose a Reputable Villa Mover?

It is difficult to make a choice among the comity of villa movers and packers in Dubai. However, following some under-described tips can help you make the best trustworthy and reputable selection;


Extensive research assists you to know the rating and reviews of any villa moving service provider. The testimonials from previous customers can help you to make your decision faster and more meaningful.


The insured and licenced company gives you peace of mind with respect to your valuables. You feel protected while they are packing and transporting your belongings.


A villa mover company’s experience counts a lot. A novice can be a risk you definitely don’t want to take. An experienced and expert moving company can handle complex and challenging situations in a skilful way. The track record of successful villa movements of a company is enough to explain its performance.


Before choosing a villa mover make sure the services you needed and the services offered by the company you are contacting with. Verify that they work as a one-stop shop for you. Packing, loading, transporting, unloading and unpacking all should be offered in one place. Plus make sure the company has essential handyman tools and technical assistance as per requirements.


Evaluate different companies as per their services and the prices they are quoting. It will help your villa move more cost-effectively. But do remember one thing that doesn’t make your decision based on price only. As sometimes low price leads you to low-quality work as well. The cheapest price can’t promise you the best quality.

Customer Dealing

The communication of any villa mover can also be one of the factors to deal with. The best thing is the responsive behaviour of the company’s representative. Are you getting a healthy response against any query or information you want to seek? Whether the company is taking the pain to keep you updated or not.

These are some of the factors involve in decision-making for a reasonable and reputable villa mover in Dubai

Can Villa Movers Provide Packing and Unpacking Services?

Certainly, many villa movers come up with a full package offer and some also include services as per your need. Both types of options are available. However, getting a full package of packing and unpacking services along with the moving services can save you time and energy.

Villa moving companies also provide you with packing material like, boxes, wrapping tapes, bubble wraps, tape and packing papers etc. they also have their own tools and equipment to execute the moving procedure.

The moving companies in Dubai offer you unpacking and placing your possessions where you want. This can save you time and you double your speed in getting settled in your new villa.

But one thing should keep in mind that extra services mean extra charges. So it is better to negotiate before a final decision. Sometimes a full package costs you less. It is recommended to verify thoroughly.

Can Villa Movers Assist with Furniture Disassembly and Reassembly?

Surely, many villa moving companies include furniture services included. It is difficult to carry the large furniture items as it is. Their dismantling is crucial to load on the transport. Beds, bookshelves, dining table and cabinets need dissembling and reassembling.

Furthermore, these companies are equipped with the proper staff, skills and tools to implement the process more smartly and intelligently.

Again the extra offer may charge you an extra amount.

How Long Does it Typically Take to Move?

The moving time involves multiple factors, the distance to your final destination, the size of the area getting moved, the number of items to carry and the service you are hiring.

A domestic move takes a day long to get everything done by a professional villa move. A villa move within a city may take two-three days. Whereas a villa moving across the border may take several weeks to get executed.

Besides unexpected circumstances, traffic jams and un-for seen delays, discuss your timeline and anticipated timeframe very promptly with your expected villa moving company to avoid last minutes disputes.

How Far in Advance Should I Book a Villa Mover?

It is suggested to book your services well before time. As soon as you have finalized your moving date, go and search for a company to take up the matters further. This helps you to remain hassle-free.

During the booking season in Dubai, you may fail to get a proper moving company. To avoid the last hours rush, a handsome time is to inform your company at least 4-6 weeks before. In case moving is your emergency programme, it is good to talk to your company. Your early or timely reservation saves you lots of time.

How Much Does it Typically Cost to Hire a Villa Mover?

The cost of the villa mover depends on the distance, size of the area, the services you want to avail and the items you need to carry with you.

A move within a city cost you some hundred AEDs to thousands of AEDs. the cost is directly proportional to the distance and the rest of the factors mentioned above.

Getting additional services also affects the cost. It is recommended to get a vivid quote explaining each and every detail before entering into a contract.

What is the process for obtaining a quote from a villa mover?

To obtain a quote best suitable and fulfils your villa moving requirements needs some typical steps to take:

  • Make a good research
  • Narrow down your research by asking the estimates against the services you required, through telephone calls.
  • Allow an in-house survey, the visits of filtered villa mover will again give you a cost estimation.
  • Take all types of estimations, compare them and then make a decision for obtaining a final quote.


Villa moving is a big task but through proper prep work, research and verification you can get the best service for you. Royal Star Mover stands apart in providing villa services without creating any hassle or mounting any stress to its clients. With decades of experience and expertise, we offer villa moving services more economical and up to the mark.