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Changing, relocating or moving house is always an exciting and at the same time stressful process. However, your prep work will save you time, money and energy. You can make your move comfortable, full of satisfaction and contentment. And this prep work requires some terms of planning:

  • It is better to create a checklist well before time and a timeline of to-do things, whether you are starting a month before or a week before. Just mark the column as soon as you are done with the things mentioned on your timeline.
  • Moving to a new house is a golden time to pare down your surplus stuff. Sort out the things to donate, sell or even throw away that are no more of your use or you don’t want to take with you to a new place. It will be more energy-efficient and cost-effective for you.
  • Pack your items more efficiently. Use the proper packaging material and boxes as per the size of your object. Careful about the fragility and delicacies of your antiques and artwork while wrapping them for relocation.

However, the best option is to hire a reputable, reliable moving company. As some of these companies take the burden off while offering transportation services as well.

However, the best option is to hire a reputable, reliable moving and packing service-providing company. As some of these companies take the burden off while offering transportation services as well.

Things to do When Moving House

To stay organized and ensure that nothing is forgotten you should take up things in a planned way. Haphazardness may lead you nowhere after expending a lot while shifting your house:

Make a Comparative Research

Give your options a thorough study whether you are going for a DIY method or it will be feasible for you to hire a moving and packing company.

Give your House a Thorough Survey

An in-depth survey will lead you to a more clear picture of your belonging and how to sort them out. Furthermore, it will able you to categorize them for their packing procedure. Or many moving companies in Dubai offer you a free survey, you can take the option.

Arrange Packing Material

Arrange a handsome quantity of packing material if you are doing the relocation task on your own.

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Packing tapes
  • Bubble sheets
  • Stuffing material
  • Cutter

Another option is to take a cup of coffee and hire a company which can pack and transport ensuring you a safe, secure and smooth relocation.

Make a list of Whom you are to Notify

It is very important to inform the individuals, companies and organizations with whom you have interacted for multiple purposes in your old location. First of all your family and friends must know about your move to a new house. Then there is a list mentioned below that are the most and must inform companies in case of relocation. To:

  • The company, you are the employee
  • The local council for regulating taxation regularities
  • Your utility service-providing companies
  • Your dentist and family doctor
  • Your bank
  • Your broadband, phone and digital TV providers
  • Your insurance provider

If you somehow missed notifying any of them, it can result in freaking and irritating calls from them. And most of the time explaining and satisfying them with different details.

Moving House Packing Where to Start

It is very common and frequent troubleshooting while moving your house. The rule position asks here to start packing as early as possible. As soon as you reach a decisive date start with your packing. It will avoid you to be overwhelmed and overloaded in the last hours.

Below are some suggestions that can help you to start:

Start with Off-Season Items

Begin your packing task with the out-of-season clothes and items. The sports equipment and the things that are not in your regular use. This will be more stress-free on your way to smooth packing.

Collect the Packing Material

Arrange packing supplies as much as you can, especially the necessary ones like boxes, wrapping sheets, bubble sheets, packing tape etc.

Organize your Packing Process

Going through the items you want to pack will give you an idea to make their sets if some items are required to be sold or donated. It will help you to proceed faster and within your wallet.

Pack Each Room Individually

To remain more practical and productive focus on one room at a time.

Also, label that box with the same room name. This will further help you at the time of unpacking your boxes.

Start With the Heavier Goods

Put the heavier items in the bottom of the box. Then fill it up with the less heavy to lighter things. This will save you space and also cause less damage.

Make a Moving-day Essential Box

Pack a bag or a box with essential items like extra clothes, toiletries, important documents and first aid items.

First Aid Box

One of the essential needs at all times during the moving procedure is to keep a first aid box with you. It should be containing bandages, some basic emergency medicines against diarrheic and painkillers in case of headache or fever.

Keep in mind one thing packing is a critical task to handle but with a few organized steps, you can make it possible. Besides, it is recommended to hire the best packers and movers in Dubai.

Things you Need When Moving into a New House

When you get into your new place, there is a lot to do besides just unpacking your boxes. You need to get familiar with the new environment and build an association to end your moving process more systematically. Here are some of the suggestions you can follow:

  • Contact your new service provider to set up your new accounts for utilities and other services.
  • Update your new address to your bank and other companies facilitating you, like the internet and TV cable service provider
  • Check your neighbors. Extend some cordial sentiments towards them.
  • Explore the local store and confectionaries.
  • Register with your new doctor and dentist.
  • Research for a new school in new vicinity

Things to Organize When Moving into a New House

Before moving into a new house there are some prerequisites you should follow to remain more organized from start till the end of the project. There are some services you ultimately required during your pre-moving time and post-moving time. So after good research be in contact with the below-mentioned service-providing companies to remain more disciplined and stress free:

  • Storage services
  • Paint services
  • Handyman services
  • Innovative Pest control services
  • Top cleaning services
  • Transportation services
  • Packing services
  • Maintenance services


These are such essential services in Dubai that you need to hire while leaving your old house and before entering into the new one.

What to Bring First When Moving to a New House?

Moving a house is a life-changing endeavor. Its significance involves both the traditional values of an area and superstitions related to doing any important event. In fact, all such activities center around bringing luck to the newly started business or for new residences.

As per the customary myths, you should bring salt, bread, rice and honey as a token for a happy, healthy and prosperous life. According to the superstitions perspective, bringing these( or others as per your cultural values) while crossing the threshold of your new home guarantees you a safe, comfortable, full of joy and excitement living along with good fortune for the new residents of the house.

What is a Recommended Option for Moving a New House?

DIY Method


  • Cost-effective
  • You are the incharge
  • You can handle your costly items with more care
  • You can pack and unpack as per your convenience


  • More stressful, time taking and putting much ado against little output
  • Without assistance you are to do everything from A to Z.
  • There will be no insurance benefits
  • You need to arrange the packing supplies without knowing the quantity

Hiring a Reputable Company


Hiring professional movers and packers services means your work time is reduced from months and days to hours. Then it will be a more organized and smooth project without disturbing your office or coffee time.


It will become a matter of trust to individuals you do not know how they are going to handle your costly and more of that emotionally attached items.

How Royal Star Mover can Assist you?

When it comes to Royal Star Mover feel free to hire for your costly items for packing and moving domestically or internationally. We are a reliable and reputable company handling your items with more professional and expert hands.