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House and apartment moving has now become a part of our life. For development in life and profession, we are often hesitant about changing locations. There are a lot of complexities and challenges in the house shifting because the shifting process is still the same as in the past, but there are some trends that have been improved by the house movers and packers in Dubai and apartment shifting procedures to provide the best facility in those situations. Royal Star Mover is one of them and offers rapid and cheap removal duties to individuals and families for home or apartment relocation. Whether the move is within Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, long-distance or international. Home and flat relocation services comprise full packaging goods. Royal Star Mover provides all basic and additional apartment and house shifting services in Dubai .

Our House Shifting Process for Packing in Dubai

Royal Star Mover is a well reputed organized company with the association of House movers. We bring ease for the challenges of house shifting Dubai. Royal Star Mover adopts the house moving process in a simplified way. We definitely know that home shifting is an exhausting process for a client to prevent damages, and to make free from other activities of the day.

To provide a safe service and assure the security of your household items, our key step is to pack all categories of your house items separately. Before moving, all the items are necessarily packed to avoid any harm. We follow the packing process in following manner:

  • Some tips about unloading and unpacking
  • Glassware
  • Cups and mugs
  • Place only these items at the top of your box
  • Plates, coasters of cups and saucers
  • Silver items
  • Small appliance
  • Large Household Appliances

Some Tips About Unloading and Unpacking

  • Supervise the unloading. Tell your driver and the teams where to place furniture .
  • As the unloading progresses, compare the boxes with your inventory.
  • Start by unpacking the boxes marked “open first”. or Proceed room by room.
  • Fold the boxes that have been emptied
  • The used paper in a cardboard box, filling it as much as possible
  • Relax and enjoy your new home! You have just passed the move of your belongings safely.


  • Using a double layer of newspaper, lay the glass on its side, horizontally, near the paper center. Bring the bottom corner of the paper back to the glass way to cover it.
  • Place a second glass horizontally in front of the first, above the first sheet of paper.
  • Fold the two sides of the paper towards the center and roll the glasses together towards the front. Place them in a compartment of the carton.

Cups and Mugs

  • Use a double layer of newspaper or tissue paper. Turn the cup over in the center of the paper with the handle on the right. Bring the bottom corner of the paper back to the cup to cover it.
  • Place the second cup on the first with the handle on the left, so as to stack them with a layer of paper in between.
  • Fold the two sides of the paper over the second cup, and roll up the two cups together in order to wrap them. Stemmed glasses and fragile items:
  • Stemmed glasses and your most fragile dishes should be individually wrapped in plastic silk paper.

Place only these items at the top of your Box

  • Lay the glass horizontally and fold two layers of tissue paper over the glass from the bottom corner.
  • Fold both sides of the paper; roll up the glass to wrap it around completely.
  • Place it in a box with the foot facing up.

Plates, Coasters of Cups and Saucers

  • Use a double layer of newspaper. Place the plate slightly beyond the center of the paper stack.
  • Fold the paper over the plate, leaving it wide so that it goes beyond it quite widely.
  • Place another plate on top of the first. Bring back the extra paper towards you by folding it over the second plate. Add a third plate.
  • Take two more layers of newspaper. Fold them and cover the plate following the same process as in step 2. In order to keep a good margin of paper.
  • Repeat the process for the fourth and fifth plates. Then take a double layer another newspaper and fold it over the top of the lot
  • Bring up the right and left corners. Wrap the plates so as to get a lot compact.
  • Insert the set of plates in a box compartment by positioning them upright (at the vertical).

Note: For small plates, use four to six plates per set. For pots and pans, These items are to be packaged individually. Save space by inserting the smallest into larger ones so as to stack them.

Silver Items

Use only tissue paper for silver items. Pack the cutlery individually and place them in their compartment. If you have a silver box, put away cutlery packed inside it, wrap the box and put it in a box the right size. Also wrap your tea or coffee sets in tissue paper and store them in their cardboard compartment.

Small Appliance

  • Empty the devices
  • Use duct tape to secure moving covers and to lock the openings.
  • Wrap in newspaper. Pack the accessories separately.

Large Household Appliances

In order to protect the mechanisms of the devices, have a qualified person prepare your ovens (gas stoves in particular), microwaves, washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers and dishwashers for the move. Transport Lyon will be happy to send a mover to your rescue.

So, you can contact our shifting expert to avail our fabolous service of moving and packing. Also for a self move you can use our unique and catergorized packing services only.

Why Royal Star Mover is Best House Shifting Company in Dubai

Shifting is the need of everyone living in Dubai. More oftenly, your business variations or your employer compels you to migrate in different areas of The UAE or only within Dubai. So, in such situations, when you need to move your house, villa or apartment, it is a bit risky to carry out the move on your own. However, hiring the services of a Shifting Company, is really accommodating and supportive for you. The selected house movers and packers in Dubai should have the ability to work for your satisfaction and comfort.

Hence, if you are worried about finding such a fascinating organization, then we are happy to let you know that Royal Star Mover is the best home shifting company in Dubai with a very reasonable range of prices. Which may vary on the basis of the magnitude of your house and distance of transferring locations.

We have a crew of hardworking and dedicated persons who are ever ready to do their duty with honesty.

We own all the meaningful tools and updated vehicles to help you out in performing your move.

So, if you want a safe and comfortable relocation of your house in reasonable charges, we highly recommend you to choose Royal Star Mover for performing this task and for this purpose you should call us to get a query so that we may serve you well.

Frequently Asked Questions House Mover

Yes, the majority of moving companies facilitate your international move as well. These companies deal professionally with every service from packing and moving to transportation and delivery in your final destination country. The best thing about these companies is that they know the nitty gritty of all legal procedures and documentation essential for the international move. Moreover, you also remain stressfree from packing until the safe arrival of your possessions, even across borders. What you are required to do on your part is ensure the company you are hiring has previous experience in the same country.
Taking into consideration the distance and the volume of possession, there is a typical timeline you need to undergo for a house move with a moving company. Research a company’s selection that is most suitable for your requirements. Obtaining quotes from various companies and choosing the most reasonable cost. Start packing, which may take several days depending on the size of the move. The boxes are being loaded. Transporting it to its final destination. The moving company unloads the luggage carefully. Unpacking and rearrangement as per your plans.
Yes, you can pack your possessions, even if you hire a moving company. Rather, this will save you money, although not energy. So if you are putting in your efforts, there are some logical tips and steps you need to follow to remain organized and stressfree. Start your packing well before time. starting with the items that get the least use. Furthermore, use durable and proper packing materials. Pack your household items strategically, separating fragile items to pack separately in tailor-made moving boxes, then putting heavy items in the bottom and light objects on the top.
Yes, you can trust the moving company with your fragile and high-value items. The moving companies are skilled, experienced, and professional enough to handle all such materials. However, you can convey the extra precautions required for the costly or sensitive items. On the safer side, it is recommended to keep your sensitive documents and jewelry items with you to avoid any unforeseen complexities or bad taste with your moving company. You can hand over electronics, artwork, glassware, and antiques to your moving company.